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Thursday, February 16, 2012

loving Daddy

Hope ya'll had a fabulous Valentine's Day...the Hallmark Holiday as the Hubs calls it!  We had a quiet normal day...girls had school at school (I know makes no sense what I just said), I worked at the school and we just had a normal dinner.  Nothing fancy.

However, on Monday, the girls and I decided to surprise the Hubs with a special dinner and decorations.  Since there was no way I could do anything on Valentine's Day (we get home late), I figured we'd do it early and he wouldn't suspect a thing.

So, our plan was to cook shrimp alfredo, decorate the kitchen table, get all fancied up and celebrate how much we love the only man in our house!

We were successful...he was excited and surprised!  It was a fabulous night complete with a dance show from the girls!

the girls picked out all the decorations and worked hard setting the table

Rylie worked hard cutting all those strawberries and kiwi

love that man..yes, I do!

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