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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Last of the Sunshine State Visit

While in the Sunshine State we had several fun activities planned, but we also just enjoyed time spending with friends and family.

Since moving to the Peach State, I've made incredible friends and have been blessed beyond measure. However, there are a few friends that I miss to pieces.

While I didn't get to visit all the gals on my list, luckily, we squeezed in a few visits.  First up, was a quick day at the beach visiting L & A.  Love these ladies.  We met in our young married class, Soul Train, at First Baptist Church Orlando and grew incredible friendships as we started families and figured out married life.  These ladies encouraged me both as a very young momma and alongside me on my walk with God.  In fact, L was in the delivery room when I had Ry. I was blessed to have her as my baby nurse that day! 

While I didn't snag pics of these sweet gals, I did snag some pics of our kiddos.  Yes, you all ready know I'm always behind the camera not in front! Not to mention that I managed to burn the crud out of my hand that morning with coffee and spent the day clutching an ice pack!

Anyhoo, these kiddos have been friends since birth. Literally!  So I'm always amazed at how much they change year to year!

Next up, was a visit to my friend M.  She's another friend that I met in that same church group and again, has encouraged me through the years.  I'm so blessed by her wisdom and friendship.  We joke that we live mirror lives...her in FL, and me in GA.  She's that friend that when the dumb stuff in life happens (like blowing a tire on the interstate, or losing a piece of your van in the parking lot), she's there to laugh with me and make me feel better by sharing something similar!  Again, no pics of us two, but here are the kiddos:

Speaking of First Baptist Church of Orlando, we managed to squeeze in a visit to enjoy their incredible worship service.  It has been nearly 6 years since I have been able to sit in those pews.  Sadly, my girls don't even remember our home church!  I made it my mission to visit and take a trip down memory lane.  I told them how I gave my life to Christ and was baptized there, their Daddy and I had been married there, and they were dedicated there.  I told them about the most incredible Sunday School teachers we had, Mr. and Mrs. A and how they were the most amazing Godly family I had ever met.  To this day, I still thank God for their wisdom and showing me what God can do with a family when he is placed in the center!  Sweet memories.

So, I couldn't resist taking a few photos:

Of course the first thing the girls said, was, "It's huge!!!!!"  Yes, it is!  Seats about 6,000 I believe and when we left they had about 12,000 members.  Compare that with our little church here in GA in which we meet in a high school and it's hard to believe we used to attend such a large church!

Lastly, I was able to meet my new cousin, Sophia.  What a doll baby. She is absolutely scrumptious and I could just squeeze her all day long! Unfortunately, my sweet girls hogged her the entire time we saw her!  Next visit, she's all mine!

As you can see, this trip to FL was filled to the brim with memories!  Reflecting on all we did reminds me how blessed my little life is and how thankful I am.  Life is good!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bestie B's Wedding

The last event on our schedule while in Florida was the anticipated wedding of Bestie B.  My longtime friend B and I have been dear friends for 21 years!

We have been at each other's side for every major life event over the last 21 years. Those that were joyful and those that were not.  Though our friendship has changed through the years, I treasure her dearly.

So to say I was excited about her upcoming nuptials would be an understatement.  I mean seriously, I had been praying for the groom to pop the question for YEARS! And I'm not kidding!

She chose the most gorgeous venue, Bella Collina in Mt. Verde, Florida.  It was picturesque! The wedding was intimate and gorgeous and she was absolutely stunning as I knew she'd be!

So, here's Bestie B in all her glory:

The groom as he watches his stunning bride walk down the aisle.  My heart melted as she came down with her dear son.  Blew me away!

The groom's reaction to his beautiful bride?  "Wow!" I couldn't have said it better myself!

The tables featured simple, yet elegant, centerpieces.  I loved them!  Tucked in each napkin was a sweet, thoughtful note to each guest.   

The reception started off with a divine meal followed by a dessert and coffee bar brimming with dessert shooters, mini cupcakes and cookies galore!  

The reception also featured a photo booth.  I honestly thought, what????  But it proved to be a hit!  Instead of the traditional guest book, guests took photos using wacky hats and props, then signed next to each picture as the attendant adhered them to a book.  Genius idea!  

We had a fabulous evening celebrating the union of such a precious couple.  I couldn't be happier for my dear friend and her new groom. I wish them many years of happiness and wedded bliss!

Love ya Bestie B!

Monday, June 25, 2012


One of the reasons we drove to Florida was to watch my nephew graduate high school.  I will first say that I'm not really his aunt, but I was present at his birth and have always claimed the title Aunt Lori.  A title I treasure even though I'm slowly losing the "aunt" part as said nephew is growing up!

 His school in Orlando had over 600 graduates.  To say the ceremony was LONG would be an understatement!  I enjoyed the festivities which brought back many memories.  The last graduation I attended was my brother's in 1998! 

 Of course things have changed!  What could be cooler than seeing your face on the jumbo tron at the Amway Center?

 Jordan with his beautiful Momma, also know as Bestie B, and his sweet girlfriend. 

 Proud Aunt Lori.  Hard to believe this is the baby I used to take care of.  Especially since he can pick me up with ease and towers over me!

Jordan will be leaving for Florida State University in the spring and I couldn't be prouder!  Congratulations Jordan, I can't wait to see what God has in store for you!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Disney, Tourist Style

Many of  you know that I'm a Florida girl.  Born and raised in Orlando for almost 30 years.  I also worked for the Mouse for 8 years.  That's Mickey Mouse.  Yes, he hired me, signed my check, and gave me raises.

Well, that's not the whole truth, but it's close.  Mother got me a sweet job at the ripe old age of 16.  It was a glamorous teen job.  While my friends were working short little shifts at the mall, I was sweating my little booty off selling popcorn and ice cream at the happiest place on earth to tourists that do not speak English. I did eventually leave those dear wagons I had grown to love, and move on to bigger and better things over the 8 years I spent there enjoying the magic.

And since Mother worked for the mouse for nearly 30 years, I basically grew up there.  I even met the Hubs there and my girls both celebrated their 1st birthdays at Disney. But then we moved to Georgia and well, Mother no longer works at the happiest place on earth so we don't visit often.

Did you know that a one day, one park ticket costs $89!  Seriously, eighty-nine dollars for one person!  That is why we don't go.  Let's say that now I appreciate all those free tickets and park admissions!

I say all that to tell you we were privileged to get free tickets!  Score!  Both my brothers work on property and have connections.  Connections means free tickets!  Yippeee!

So, while on vacation we spent a day at Magic Kingdom tourist style.  It was like being a kid again.  The girls enjoyed all the classic attractions:  it's a small world, space mountain, splash mountain, the carousel, the tea cups, and pirates.

  To make the visit complete, we even enjoyed the classic Mickey Ice Cream bar just like the ones I used to sell! 

And, to top it off, it rained.  What's Disney without rain and ponchos? 

Of course in addition to all the attractions, we had to ride the monorail.  As kids, we used to ride the monorail around, and around, and around as if it were an actual ride!

 Our Disney trip was complete with a $28 lunch (which was cheap by the way) which included 2 hot dogs, a kids turkey sandwich and chicken nuggets.  Ugh, it killed me!

We had a fabulous time and I was so glad that the girls were able to make Disney memories just like I used to!  I'll leave you with the best picture of the day!

Sorry Little Brother, I just couldn't resist!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Orange Lake Resort, FL

During our 17 days in the sunshine state (also known as home), we were blessed with 5 nights free at Orange Lake Resort courtesy of my uncle and his new wife! 

Orange Lake Resort is a massive timeshare property located outside Disney.  It features 5 pools with water slides, lazy river, put put golf, and a ton of restaurants and shops.

Mother came with me to assist with the girls and my sweet niece!  While it wasn't the beach (sniff, sniff), it was so much fun for the girlies!

And, since my girls are such great helpers, they watched my 4 year old niece and I supervised from my chair!  ahhhh!

I'm pretty sure triple sliding was illegal, but no lifeguard meant we made our own rules.  Such rebels we were!

The girls would literally go down the slide, climb out, and do it all over again.  For like hours! 

 My youngest brother and his girlfriend came for a visit!  It was nice to see him and the girls totally took the opportunity to beat up on their uncle!

We also celebrated his birthday a couple weeks early!  What's better than having ice cream cake with your adorable nieces?

The girls made friends with a family of cranes and ducks.  The cranes were Ralph, Sofia and baby Sylvester. And the duck was George and family.  I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to feed them, but it was obvious that they were accustomed to tourists.

Thus, the girls would go outside and scream their "names" as loud as possible.  They would actually come, eventually, and enjoy a meal of bread!  It became quite comical as one day they nearly came into the condo.

Fortunately, Hubs was able to drive in for the weekend and enjoy the for a couple days.  And even though it rained.  The. Whole. Week! It was a fabulous and free.  Did I mention free? 

As you can imagine, we ended each night with giggles and laughter and finally peace and quiet!