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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Look What I Found

During the never ending birthday week for Rylie she happened to ask a question to which I had no answer.

It went like this:
"Mom, what time was I born?"
me: "ummm, I'm not sure."
the Hubs: " see Ry, mom only remembers when Chloe was born."
me: "I know it was around lunchtime."
"really, mom"
me: "let me find your birth announcement."

Ahem, I was quite embarrassed to say that I couldn't remember the exact time of her birth. 

But.  I found this yesterday.

She was born at 12:48 pm. 

Maybe next year when she asks I will remember!



Friday, September 28, 2012


Remember when I discussed my reasons for deactivating my facebook account?  You must also remember that I felt it wouldn't be forever.  It's funny cause I've finally gotten to where I don't miss it.

You'll be surprised to learn that I've reactivated it and am glad that I did.  Yep, I eat my words.

I activated it originally to sell some items on our local online garage sale page.  And to look up a family member whom I haven't had contact with in 2 years (a long story for another day).

It's funny how God has used the very thing that has been an area of struggle, to surprise me.

When I was in middle school I had a best friend.  Surprising right?!  We had a unique friendship that was strengthened by tragedy.  I was with her and her family the day her father died of a heart attack.  I was at the hospital when she saw him lifeless.  I was there when she had to enter her home for the first time after his death.  And I was there as she spent the first day without him.  I can still remember it as if it was yesterday.

My friend moved that year back to her family home town and we remained friends as best we could.  She'd visit in the summers and her family would invite me with them to the beach for the week.  We'd write letters and talk about all the normal things teenagers talk about.  Then we lost touch.  There were no cell phones, or texting, no internet and email.

I think about her to this day.  In fact, because of this friend and what I witnessed that day, the Hubs kisses the girls and me every single morning before he leaves the house.  Something my 6th grade BFF's father did the very day he died.

I opened my email to see a facebook message from this friend that I haven't been able to find in over 20 years.  She had just visited her father's family and thought of me.  Coincidence?  Nope, that was God.

The Hubs couldn't quite understand why I was so delighted and nearly brought to tears.  When I explained who she was he understood.  A friendship like that has a bond that is like no other.

We've only exchanged a couple facebook messages, but I all ready know she has 2 adorable daughters and still lives in the family's hometown.  One of her daughters is even named Chloe!  How cool is that?!  I look forward to learning more about the 20 years we've missed out on and maybe we'll even get a chance to meet up.

So, yes, I'll be keeping my facebook account.  I'm still working on making sure it doesn't cause me to stumble and I've all ready deleted some "friends."  Do I still think I need to be careful? Yes, but I hope to continue using it to glorify God any chance I get!



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This Girl

I love this girl.

 I wish I could slow down time and keep her small.


Hey there sweet friends,

Would you join me in prayer?  We are experiencing some difficult things that I'm not quite ready to share or discuss.  Some things we've encountered before, but this time more challenging than ever.  And some new circumstances.  We're trusting God to encourage us, to provide, and to carry us through.

I ask that you cover our family in prayer as we seek God's will.  That God will be glorified in our struggles and our faith strengthened more than we thought possible.



Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sweet Nine

My sweet baby celebrated her ninth birthday on September 21st.  She has entered her last year as a single digit girl.  My heart is already aching at the thought of how much she's growing.

I swear that the baby grows up faster than the oldest.  I only have 2 girls, but I imagine all momma's say the same thing.

My sweet Ry was born on a Sunday afternoon, three and a half weeks early. I still remember waking up the Hubs at 5:30 a.m. telling him I thought I was in labor and I didn't want to call my DR too early.  Crazy, right?!

Since day one, she has been such a joy.  She is silly and goofy, energetic and spunky, loving and caring, and has the brightest smile.  We lovingly call her our free spirit.  I swear she's going to be some kind of activist or something out of the ordinary.

Currently she is in a gymnastics obsession though she doesn't even take gymnastics.  She has taught herself how to do various body twisting activities all on her own.

She cheers at school and is a natural, or so we're told!  I'm so thankful that God has made me her momma and I am in awe at how he is shaping and molding her dear heart!

Since this is our "no party year" we kept things simple.  I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning decorating the kitchen table (my little tradition).  And typing up a little note telling her how we'd spend the day.

She wasn't so surprised, however, to learn we'd be going to the zoo.  I snagged an amazing Groupon and I'm sure she heard me share my delightful deal to my besties.

We had an awesome family day celebrating our girl and reminding her how much she's loved and adored.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shopping with my Baby

Last week, Rylie and I went to run a few errands.  She's such a great little shopping buddy and truly is good sport running from store to store.

We ran into Marshalls which I rarely get to do.  I love Marshalls and TJ Maxx and could spend hours perusing the aisles. 

We decided to have a little fun and I allowed Ry to pick out outfits for me.  She totally cracked me up as she picked out things my 83 year old grandmother would wear!  She thought it was hysterical.

Though we left with only a $3 sock purchase for C, it was a blast giggling with my girl and snapping pictures as strangers looked on with amazement!



Friday, September 14, 2012

Celebrate Freedom 2012

 Labor Day weekend we partook in a n Atlanta tradition:  Celebrate Freedom. It's the largest free concert in Metro Atlanta and features Christian singers and a bazillion jumpies, food vendors, and games. 

As you can imagine, it attracts a huge crowd and the Hubs...he doesn't like huge crowds.  The sweet man agreed to the event since we were invited by Bestie S and her sweet family.  She ventured out hours before us and grabbed us a "spot" to put chairs.  Of course we couldn't see the stage, but we could get a glimpse of the screens and the music was loud enough to hear.

We only managed to weather the heat wave and crowds for about 4 hours, but we did manage to snag an autograph from the guys of Sanctus Real.

Our view of the stage...or screen!

 Bestie S's son managed to squeeze a couple chairs into the arena so we visited him for a few minutes so that C could see the band. 
I couldn't resist taking a picture of this guy's mowhak!

We enjoyed ourselves, but I'm not so sure we'll be partaking in the tradition next year. I'm totally content listening to my music via ipod, or radio!



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baptism Blessings

Sunday I was blessed by watching 7 of our sweet kids that I teach on Sunday get baptised.  Watching those sweet kiddos get up and profess their faith in Jesus Christ brought me to tears as it always does.   It was as if I was watching my own babies go under that water and I could not have been prouder!

Rylie baptism 2011
As I watched those sweet faces yell out that Jesus Christ was their savior, God spoke to me.  I know that he has me exactly where I'm supposed to be at church.  Some days I want to just sleep in.  Some days I don't want to sit with squirming first graders constantly telling them to pay attention.  Some days I just want to hang out and chat after service instead of ducking out early to grab coffee and head into greet my kids.  Some days I feel so insignificant as I sit alone in service while the  Hubs serves behind me running the lights.  Some days I feel like the kids could not care less what I say.

Chloe, baptism 2008
But when I saw my babies (well, other people's babies) standing for Christ, I knew that I am significant in God's plan of planting seeds and sharing his love to families who need it.  Whether I'm correcting squirmy first graders, leading kids in silly birthday songs, or praying with them, I am part of God's plan just where I am.  It's not about me, it's about him!



Sunday, September 9, 2012

How God Provides

The thought occurred to me yesterday that when you're not a believer and you hear someone say, "God provides" that the very statement probably doesn't make much sense. 

So, how exactly does God provide?  Well, let's look at some BIG things he provides:
  • everything in the world is provided by God and created by him.
  • salvation:  he sent Jesus to die for our sins. Period.  Without Jesus eternal life is not an option.
  • every skill you possess is from God
  • the job we have is from him
  • our government is in place because God allowed it.  Now whether those people are God followers or not doesn't matter; God appoints who he wants in office according to his plan.
  • your family and friends
What about the small things:
  • the coffee you had for breakfast
  • the water from your faucet
  • the car you drive
  • the home you live in
  •  the money you have in your bank account
When the Hubs lost his job, God provided in a mighty way.  For instance, when C broke her wrist and the initial bill was nearly $2,000. I about died.  Then we got our final bill after the insurance adjusted it and we owed right under $500.  When I called to try and negotiate, the woman couldn't believe how low it was and explained that it was less than what Medicaid would pay.  Lucky? Nope, God provided that low bill.

God provided a sweet family that gave us 2 huge bags of clothing for the girls.

God provided several odd jobs for the Hubs to bring in some extra money.

Our utility bills were extremely low...totally not normal.  God provided that.

So, what about today?  How does he provide today?  Here's an example of how he continues to provide for our family even though our income is still so far from what it was (and I promise before the job loss we were no where close to a six figure salary).

The girls are insured under state insurance.  Something I'm not proud of, and in fact, a little embarrassed about.  However, it is a true blessing and we do not take it for granted.  C injured her ankle in March which resulted in 7 weeks in a walking boot, 3 sets of x-rays, 3 trips to the orthopedic and 8 physical therapy sessions.  I imagine it easily would have cost us close to $2,000 or more if we were still under COBRA with our high deductible.  God provided that insurance after about 7 months of fighting for it just 3 weeks before C was injured!

We've also recently received several random checks in the mail lately.  Somehow our Homeowners Insurance was paid twice.  Yes, it was our money to begin with, but God provided it back unexpectedly.  We had an escrow overage, which also resulted in a refund.  We were able to refinance our home, saving us a little bit each month and  reducing our interest rate.

Non-monetarily, God has provided some amazing girls to mentor C in her Sunday morning youth group.  A true blessing.  God has provided amazing teachers for my girls.  God has provided great men for my husband to serve alongside of at church.  God continues to show me that he has me serving just where he wants me.

On the days I just don't feel like I can get through another homeschool day, he gives me what I need to push through.  When I'm angry with the Hubs, he helps me to forgive.

This just touches the surface of what and how God provides.  As a follower of God, I know that everything in my life both tangible and non-tangible is from him.  He could choose to take it all away today if he chooses to.  It's not always easy to be thankful for what I do have, instead of whining about what I don't, but I sure am trying!



Monday, September 3, 2012

Bento Obsession

I have a new obsession.  It has to do with lunches.  I'm obsessed with bento boxes.  My sweet friend turned me onto bento lunches which is an asian food system. Instead of sandwiches, you can put several different items together in a cutesy little cube and call it lunch! 

Genius I tell you. I hate making lunches, whether at home or for the 2 days we pack them for school.  But I promise you that bento has changed my life.  Ok, not really but it sure is fun.  I mean seriously, look at those neat little compartments.  No more zippy bags.

I've searched high and low for a bento box I like and have resisted the cute PBK ones with the $16.50 price tag. Finally I found what I wanted at the container store. They were only $4.99 and there just so happened to be a store a few miles from Bestie B's new house.  Yippee!

The Hubs thinks I'm ridiculous, but then again, he doesn't pack lunches or make them all week.  Ok, that's not fair, he does pack his own, but I assure you he wouldn't want a cute bento box in his bag!

This week I had to make them even cuter by monogramming them.  Even the girls are with the Hubs that the vinyl monograms are getting out of hand but I just can't help myself!

Aren't they just so stinking adorable?  I may just have to get one for myself  :)