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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kathleen and Bella...the Elves

So, we have several Christmas traditions we've started with our girls.  Some I did as a kid, and some that are new even to me.

This year, we started yet another tradition.  Kathleen and Bella, the elves, arrived at Grandma's house and she knew that must have been placed there by Santa for the girls. Why Santa delivered the elves 36 days before Christmas, I'm not sure.  In fact, we'll have to have a discussion about that some day!

Anyhoo, the elves have wreaked havoc on my house.  You see, they are mischievous little elves.  They make messes like this:

They put themselves into weird positions like this:

And this:

And, they have to be fed crackers and ice water every night like this:

And sprinkled with magic snow like this:

Needless to say, these little elves are quite high maintenance, however, the girls have carried them EVERYWHERE and are thoroughly enjoying their new friends that Santa sent to watch over them.

They have studied the 'how to care for elf' guide. They know where they are at all times.  I'm certain Santa would be proud!

The coolest part of the elves is that they bring bible verses for the girls to learn. Chloe said that they must be Christian Elves.  Even though I'm not so happy with the messes they make, I'm loving that they are teaching the girls scriptures and pointing them to the real reason we celebrate Christmas.  Jesus!  How could I not be overjoyed with that?!  

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