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Friday, January 6, 2012

Labor of Love part II

Remember the Labor of Love post here,
well, I forgot to show you the dresser turned buffet for homeschool junk.  And I forgot to tell you the reason for the whole project was to house our homeschool books.  I was sick of lining our dining room floor with little piles of books every day. And the chest we were using became a bottomless pit and did not help my issue of organization.

I was determined to find a dresser to hold the chaos so that each subject would have its own drawer. That's when my fabulous friend so graciously offered us a dresser she found at a thrift store.

We've only used the finished product for 2 days (the girls go to school T/TH and are only home M/W/F), but so far I'm in love!

Again, I'm a nerd and no before pictures except for this one:

this is after sanding the top and sides

front view without the drawers...Hubs cut off the entire bottom, added a bnew board and replaced the feet
 The process was exact to the table post mentioned at the top of this post.  All the same failures occurred since we worked on the dresser, table and all six chairs at once.

This is the failure of glaze process.  I'm pretty sure it shouldn't have done this:

Now the big reveal with very crappy pictures: 

 Ahhh, beautiful!  And so very useful.  It wouldn't fit behind the dining room table so, here it lives in the entry way.  Since the girls are in and out of it about 500 times a day, it's probably a good idea that they have plenty of room to pull the drawers out.

This dresser had some funky vertical knobs that were impossible to replace.  And because I wasn't smart enough to have the Hubs wood putty, sand and paint over the existing knob holes, we had to get creative.

I found these chunky knobs at Hobby Lobby.  Then the Hubs found large washers at Home Depot and he painted them black, placed them over the existing holes and drilled a new hole through the center.  This made a perfect back plate for the new knobs and it covered the existing holes.  That man of mine is brilliant!

I'm excited about my renewed dining room and entry.  Now only if we had the money to buy a new rug, pretty light fixture, and some accents it would be heaven.  The reality is that of course, we can't so I'll just be thankful that the ugly pine table is gone and that I have a beautiful new buffet.

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