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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Family Visit

I was delighted to have my big-little brother, (big cause he's like a foot taller than me and little cause he's 1 year and 51 weeks younger) his sweet wife, my beautiful niece, and my mother visit us from Orlando this past weekend.  It was quite a monumental event because they have not visited us in 5 years.  Yes, I said 5 years.  Not that I'm complaining that I always do the dreaded 7-8 hour drive to Orlando several times a year and they NEVER visit us, but I'm just sayin' that it was nice that they came to us!  Ha, that so sounded like complaining, didn't it????
My brother's sweet family

Anyhoo, they came for a quick visit and we enjoyed them immensely.  It was nice to host my family and get to cook for them and for them to see how we do life.  Well, to say I cooked would be a lie since mother brought like 3 coolers of food for 2 days, but hey, I did warm up some bacon and fry some eggs, does that count?

We didn't do a whole lot except just hang out, visit the "mountain" as they call it, take the kiddos to the park, roast some smores and have movie time!  It was fabulous.

the girls

Jaidyn's first smore
Of course the highlight of the visit was the fact that my 3 year old niece is hysterical and so stinking cute.  She never says no...it's always "no thank you."  "Jaidyn, time to eat." and she replies, "no thank you."  "Jaidyn, can I read you a book?" "no thank you Aunt Lori."  My favorite quote was when she asked what Barbie's name was and I replied, "Barbie" and she said, "just Barbie?"  Like seriously Aunt Lori? Oh and then there's the fact that every time I called her name to pose for a picture she'd make this silly face and say "cheese."  Might I mention that it made it IMPOSSIBLE to get any decent pictures?  Her saying cheese and my  mother refusing to allow pictures to be taken of herself made my job of photographer very difficult!
I begged for a good smile...this is the best I got!  

So, those are all the sad photos I managed to take during their visit!  Erg!

I'm pretty sure they enjoyed their short visit to the country (seriously?  I'm north of Atlanta, not the country) and besides the fact my mother froze her booty off the entire time she was here (apparently 68 degree homes are cold to her), I think she may come back!  Soon, I hope!

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