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Monday, January 9, 2012

Love, Hate, and Some Growth

As I get a little older and a little more mature in my faith, I'm almost embarrassed at some of the past choices, comments and even thoughts I've had.  Well, to be honest, I'm really embarrassed.   Luckily, with maturity also comes the realization of God's amazing grace and forgiveness.

A friend of mine quoted someone's twitter post to me and it has recently stuck in my mind. The comment was, "you can't hate Kim Kardashian and Michelle Duggar at once, you must choose sides."  I'm not sure what the intention of that comment was, or if I even have it completely correct, but it has made me think of how many times I've judged others.  How many times I've judged not only the Godless, but also the God-fearing people around me.

I've realized that those judgements have come out of my own insecurities and even desires.  I've judged because of jealousy and ignorance and the worse part is, I'm always able to justify it.

A sweet mom I had the pleasure of not only knowing in Florida, but also living near recently posted something on her blog that truly made my heart hurt.  There were many reasons why, but most of all because the very thing she was posting about was something I had been guilty of - judgement.

She is an amazing God-fearing woman that has a unique calling from God.  She is a mother of 6 biological kids, 3 adopted, and a new baby on the way.  Crazy?  Maybe.  In fact, I have even said it before.  But as I've matured in my knowledge and faith in God, I've realized she is obeying the calling God has specifically laid on her life.  The calling to raise children for Christ.  The calling to have as many children as God chooses to bless her with.  To homeschool them all.  To teach others how to raise God-fearing, obedient children.   And ya know what?  She is inspiring.  She is encouraging.  Sometimes she hurts my feelings with the truth.  But it's the truth from God's word.

Her children are amazing.  While I haven't met the newest members, the Hubs and girls have and they agree....sweet, amazing, fun children that I only wish we still lived close to.  A family I only wish I could be closer to in order to learn more from.  You can visit her blog here.
during Thanksgiving the family of 9, plus my girls

 While I'm still guilty of judging and no where close to the maturity I desire, one of my growth goals for this year is to be less judgmental, more forgiving, and a lot more loving.

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  1. Imagine my surprise when I came to check up on you and found some sweet words about me. Thank you! I've decided not to read the forum but it still bothers me sometimes to know they are out there having a good laugh (or whatever they get out of it) at my expense.