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Monday, November 19, 2012


Last week I participated in my first official youth event as momma of a middle schooler.

Our church hosted its 3rd annual D-Now which has been renamed Elevation.

It's a weekend in which our church youth, 6-12 graders, gather in host homes for the weekend and worship God together. There are church rallies and activities, lots of junk food, and crazy kiddos praising their savior in not so traditional fashion.

the stage for worship
Chloe asked me to host 6th grade girls and I was excited to do so. I'd lie if I didn't admit that I was a bit intimidated. You see most host homes have basements and are quite larger than our humble home. Nonetheless, God's call was loud and clear!

 We ended up with 14 girls and 4 college girls in our home. When I say that they covered every square inch except for our bedroom, I'm not the least bit kidding!

9 slept in the family room
5 girls slept upstairs in the playroom
I have often been told by wise friends that God desires for us to use what he's given us to bless others and glorify him. That's just what we did.
smores by the fire

 These girls were such an incredible blessing to me as they giggled and had good ole fashioned fun!

Three of the college girls acted as their leaders and were such amazing young women of faith! I could not have managed without them.
3 amazing college girls
One of C's Sunday morning small group leaders and an answer to my prayers!

I was encouraged by their wisdom, that was beyond their years, and enjoyed their company. I was even sad when they left Sunday morning.

It was an incredible weekend of praise and worship and many lives were changed by the power of the gospel.
Though it took me all week to recover, i think i just may host again next year!

this would be my office.  a.k.a. home to their luggage!


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