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Friday, November 2, 2012

Pinterest Pumpkins

Rylie has been begging to carve her Burt's pumpkin so we decided that Monday was the day!

Unfortunately, Chloe's Burt's pumpkin was rotten inside....second year in a row.  Daddy saved the night by running to 2 stores to find a replacement.  Swell guy he is!

this is what happened when we tried to pick it up...gross!

tradition is to throw rotten pumpkins over the hill across the street..our neighbors love it!
Our tradition typically goes like this: the girls dictate what the want, Daddy does most of the work, and Mommy gets to take pictures.

This year I'm happy to report that tradition has been altered and the girls did a lot of the carving and I even jumped in. Well, until I broke 2 carving tools!

 I think the Hubs was a bit disappointed when the girls decided on pinterest girly designs for their pumpkins. I, of course was delighted!

C decided on a flower and Ry selected a chevron pattern.

But don't worry, Daddy had his share of fun. He added this contraption to their pumpkins.

I'm pretty certain that the girls are the only kids in the world with pumpkins lit by LED lights, a battery and a mercury switch! Love that man!

Happy Fall Y'all!



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