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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Journey Through Unemployment

I'm sure you can name at least one family affected currently by a job loss.  You may even be able to name several.  So many families around us have gone through job losses.  It's something you think could happen, but you never really think it will.

In May of 2010, while working at the girls' school I received the call that my husband had lost his job. The fear of the unknown lay in front of me and I couldn't see past it.  God was all ready working, but in that moment it was hard to imagine the blessings that would follow.  It was hard to imagine that we would spend nearly a year - 10 and a half months - unemployed.  It was hard to imagine that God was going to make changes to our family that would bring us closer.  It was hard to imagine that we would emerge stronger in faith than before.

I can't honestly say that I would do it over again. I can't say it was the best time of our marriage.  What I can say is that I'm thankful for the lessons learned and the amazing ways in which God revealed himself.  I'm thankful that I learned a little more about being content.

God prepared us for the journey and helped us through that season of uncertainty and I hope that our experience may help someone else.  In the coming weeks, I will share how God prepared us, the struggles along the way, and where we stand today.

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