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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Unplanned Easter

Easter with the family usually entails lots of traditional fun stuff.  The big ole' egg hunt complete with lots of candy and prizes, a great dinner with ham and all the fixings, and time relaxing with the family.

I had planned to host the shin dig this year.  Had the menu planned, the egg hunt ideas in my head, and was even dreaming of the yummy cake I was going to decorate!  But...and I say but, like all well laid plans, there's always a chance things won't go as planned.

Unfortunately this year, we had to scrap all that I had laid out in my head.  Mother in law ended up back in the hospital in Rome and we had to revamp our Easter Day.  Well, let me say, we chose to.  No ham, no egg hunt and no pretty pictures in the backyard swing.  And I really was ok with it all.  Welp, maybe not about getting a decent family picture, but the rest I could take or leave.

God really worked on my heart Saturday night as I thought about how crazy the day would be.  The Hubs would leave at 5:45am to set up since the "so sweet" drama teacher felt the need to move our stage set up during spring break.  The girls and I would awake, do breakfast, give them their treat baskets, and be at church by 9am.  We would worship and serve, tear down and be at Grandma's hopefully by 2pm.  I planned a fabulous lunch at Wendy's (so, not my fave) and then an hour drive to the hospital. We would do dinner out someplace with Dad in law and the grandparents.   I knew we'd be home really late and exhausted.

I started thinking about how we have really tried hard to teach our girls the true meaning of Easter, or Resurrection Day as I call it.  I wanted to put little emphasis on all the fuss and God was helping me do just that.  I mean seriously, Jesus didn't get a fun egg hunt or a ham.  Nor did he get a cute little white cake decorated with peeps and gumballs and a big ribbon.  He lived a glamor free life, died for sins he did not commit, and escaped death just as God had planned.

In retrospect (hey that's a big ole word for this southern girl), I realize we really did have the best Easter ever!  We spent the day worshiping our Savior, thanking God for the sacrifice he made for us, and loving on our family.  While the hospital may not have been the ideal spot, I wouldn't trade our time with Mother in law, playing Mancala with Dad in law and watching my girls be content in what God planned for our day.

Besides, I'd much rather watch Rylie dance on the air vent in a hospital than clean the kitchen!  Just sayin!

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