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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Orange Lake Resort, FL

During our 17 days in the sunshine state (also known as home), we were blessed with 5 nights free at Orange Lake Resort courtesy of my uncle and his new wife! 

Orange Lake Resort is a massive timeshare property located outside Disney.  It features 5 pools with water slides, lazy river, put put golf, and a ton of restaurants and shops.

Mother came with me to assist with the girls and my sweet niece!  While it wasn't the beach (sniff, sniff), it was so much fun for the girlies!

And, since my girls are such great helpers, they watched my 4 year old niece and I supervised from my chair!  ahhhh!

I'm pretty sure triple sliding was illegal, but no lifeguard meant we made our own rules.  Such rebels we were!

The girls would literally go down the slide, climb out, and do it all over again.  For like hours! 

 My youngest brother and his girlfriend came for a visit!  It was nice to see him and the girls totally took the opportunity to beat up on their uncle!

We also celebrated his birthday a couple weeks early!  What's better than having ice cream cake with your adorable nieces?

The girls made friends with a family of cranes and ducks.  The cranes were Ralph, Sofia and baby Sylvester. And the duck was George and family.  I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to feed them, but it was obvious that they were accustomed to tourists.

Thus, the girls would go outside and scream their "names" as loud as possible.  They would actually come, eventually, and enjoy a meal of bread!  It became quite comical as one day they nearly came into the condo.

Fortunately, Hubs was able to drive in for the weekend and enjoy the for a couple days.  And even though it rained.  The. Whole. Week! It was a fabulous and free.  Did I mention free? 

As you can imagine, we ended each night with giggles and laughter and finally peace and quiet!

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