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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Disney, Tourist Style

Many of  you know that I'm a Florida girl.  Born and raised in Orlando for almost 30 years.  I also worked for the Mouse for 8 years.  That's Mickey Mouse.  Yes, he hired me, signed my check, and gave me raises.

Well, that's not the whole truth, but it's close.  Mother got me a sweet job at the ripe old age of 16.  It was a glamorous teen job.  While my friends were working short little shifts at the mall, I was sweating my little booty off selling popcorn and ice cream at the happiest place on earth to tourists that do not speak English. I did eventually leave those dear wagons I had grown to love, and move on to bigger and better things over the 8 years I spent there enjoying the magic.

And since Mother worked for the mouse for nearly 30 years, I basically grew up there.  I even met the Hubs there and my girls both celebrated their 1st birthdays at Disney. But then we moved to Georgia and well, Mother no longer works at the happiest place on earth so we don't visit often.

Did you know that a one day, one park ticket costs $89!  Seriously, eighty-nine dollars for one person!  That is why we don't go.  Let's say that now I appreciate all those free tickets and park admissions!

I say all that to tell you we were privileged to get free tickets!  Score!  Both my brothers work on property and have connections.  Connections means free tickets!  Yippeee!

So, while on vacation we spent a day at Magic Kingdom tourist style.  It was like being a kid again.  The girls enjoyed all the classic attractions:  it's a small world, space mountain, splash mountain, the carousel, the tea cups, and pirates.

  To make the visit complete, we even enjoyed the classic Mickey Ice Cream bar just like the ones I used to sell! 

And, to top it off, it rained.  What's Disney without rain and ponchos? 

Of course in addition to all the attractions, we had to ride the monorail.  As kids, we used to ride the monorail around, and around, and around as if it were an actual ride!

 Our Disney trip was complete with a $28 lunch (which was cheap by the way) which included 2 hot dogs, a kids turkey sandwich and chicken nuggets.  Ugh, it killed me!

We had a fabulous time and I was so glad that the girls were able to make Disney memories just like I used to!  I'll leave you with the best picture of the day!

Sorry Little Brother, I just couldn't resist!


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