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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pumpkins and Apples, Oh My!

This week we made our annual trip to Ellijay in order to visit Burt's Farm and RJ Reece's Apple House.  It was the first crisp, cool day of fall and I was stoked to be able to throw on a scarf and some boots for the trip!

We decided to make the hour and half plus trip on a week day since the Hubs isn't so keen on huge crowds.  Little did we forget that it was Columbus Day and well, apparently school was out in the neighboring counties.  Luckily, it wasn't near as bad as 6,000 plus crowds that Burt's attracts on Saturdays!

While the girls are sadly nearing the stage of being less than excited about hayrides and pumpkins, they were great sports.  They even allowed Dad to put them in the wheelbarrow as we've done for nearly 7 years even though they barely fit!   

We picked our pumpkins, rode the hayride and took a few pics and then headed up to the Apple House.  A newer tradition for us that the girls absolutely LOVE!  We do all the things we're NOT supposed to do.  Ya know, like climbing the trees.

And climbing into the wooden crates.
Oh and then there's the ladders we're not supposed to climb.  Ooops!
And, I'm pretty sure I saw a rule about not eating the apples as you pick them.

What you don't see is the girls (and Hubs) throwing apples and tossing the less than perfect picked apples.  Such rebels.

It was a blast and I assure you that the Hubs strategically placed every apple into our $10 bag to ensure we got the most for our buck!  I'm not kidding.

We ended the day and carried off our apples just as it started to drizzle.  The perfect way to kick off Fall....my absolute favorite time of the year.  Well, other than Christmas of course!



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