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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why We're Trusting

I am so thankful for the amazing people God has put into my life.  When I posted here asking for prayers regarding something we're facing, I was blessed by comments, texts and facebook messages.  So humbled by those that are praying for my family.

I thought I'd let you know what's going on.

Two weeks ago we found ourselves unemployed yet again.  The third time in less than two and a half years.  I've blogged about it here.  The Hubs received the call while we were celebrating Rylie's birthday at the zoo.  We didn't want to take away from her day, so we kept it quiet.  We needed to pray.  We needed to process.

This time is different. This time my husband is unemployed because he made a decision to report an ethics issue.  Unfortunately it cost him his job.  It truly makes me sad to think that all his hard work and dedication have been erased due to someone trying to cover their own mistake.

While a job loss in no way compares to the life of Job in the Bible, I keep holding onto a simple verse: "shall we only accept good from God, and not trouble?"  Job 2:10

Without a doubt I know what God's plan was in his first job loss and even his second.  This one; I'm not so sure.  What I do know is that God has something up his sleeve.  For some reason, he didn't want my husband where he was.  Somehow all this will glorify him and allow us to point others to Him.

Even though I have a peace about this, I'm still nervous.  I'm worried about our finances.  While we were prepared for the first loss that lasted nearly 11 months, we still haven't recovered.  But most of all, I'm having a hard time watching the man I love doubt his decisions.  I'm having a hard time not questioning God as to why we have to go through this for the third time. 

I have to remind myself that God has provided before.  What would make this time any different?

I had to teach my kiddos at church a lesson on Jesus feeding the 5,000 this past Sunday.  It's no coincidence that God picked that simple lesson to show me that  I need to trust in his abilities and not my own.  If God can turn 2 fish and 5 loaves into enough for 5,000 +, then surely he's got this job thing under control!

Please continue to pray for my husband.  That God would encourage him in a mighty way!



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  1. Prayers for you guys... I'm so sorry to hear this.