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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Silhouette Project

Spent some time today crafting with my silhouette!  It's been so much fun to get ideas from pinterest and  then recreate now that I have some free time.

My latest creation is something I did as practice for a gift I'm creating.  More on that later!

But, after trial and error and some wasted vinyl, my vision came to life:

I took an old frame (14x24) that I've had in a closet for years, pulled out the mat and created this masterpiece in silhouette designer.  I learned a few things:

1st, don't try and save vinyl and piece things this big together.  Unless, of course, you're awesomely skilled.

2nd, make small slits around the area that you'll peel off to reveal your creation. That way you'll be peeling small sections at a time off. This makes it easier than trying to peel off a 12 x 20 piece of vinyl without ruining your letters.  Trust me, I know!

3rd, use a level and sharpie to make dark lines on your glass (or washable marker if you're adhering to wood) that will show you where to line up your vinyl.  I had a hard time getting my words straight. Of course, if I had just done the whole thing as one piece it would've been easier.

I had to make the date like 3 times cause I kept getting it crooked.  And, my lines are pieced together because I ran out of vinyl.  Only the Hubs could tell.  Of course he does draw straight lines all day so of course he could!

I still need to gorilla glue the glass to the frame and then bend out all the little metal pieces that hold the glass in place.  I'm also not sure where this baby is going to find a home in my house.  For now, it's in the office that has never been decorated!

I love it and it only took me like 8 hours to make! 

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