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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Under Construction

Just thought I'd let ya'll know that our house is under construction.  Yep, we're adding on!  I'm so excited to be adding some extra square feet!

Ok, I'm totally joking.  We are adding on some extra square feet, but in the form of a tree house.  You heard me.  A treehouse!  You see, the Hubs had one growing up and has been talking about it for YEARS.  And now, he's building it.

I honestly think the neighbors are nervous about what it's going to look like and one of them is less than thrilled.  The HOA approved and construction has begun.

When the Hubs builds something, he goes all out!  It'll be the best treehouse in these parts of Georgia I assure you.  The kids will be flocking from miles around to see the spectacle!

Well, maybe not miles, but the girls are talking it up. And, while we may never have a boat, or a big house, or fancy cars.  We WILL have a cool treehouse!

The dear Hubs of mine even drew up some fancy old architectural plans.  Six pages I think.

And, I know many of you are thinking, "um Lori, but ya'll are pinching pennies, why are wasting money on that?"  Let me assure you the cost is minimal.  In addition to being a great builder, my Hubs is a great scavenger.  And, the wood is nearly all free.  Thank you to those of ya'll building fancy new houses, we are using your scrap lumber from the dumpster!

So here's a little sneak peak at the early stages of construction:

 I probably won't see the dear Hubs for a few weeks...he'll be living in the back yard as he eats, sleeps and breathes treehouse.  Pray for him.  I fear the mosquitoes will carry him away!

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