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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last day of school

I'm proud to say that we survived our first year of homeschool.  Yes, I know we cheat and actually attend school 2 days a week and are home the other 3, but it's still homeschool.  I still file county attendance, teach the girls lessons, and try to maintain a schedule.  Well, sort of a schedule.

Here's a few pictures that capture the exciting last 2 days.  First up, was the 5th grade pool party.  There are about 42 fifth graders in the school and we all got together for a morning at the pool to commence the year on Wednesday, the day BEFORE school got out!  See, homeschoolers really do have fun!

Bad mommy, only captured this picture in the van prior to the girls running out on the last day. 

These two sweet girls along side my girlies are sisters of a dear family of ours.  They sadly will be leaving the Cornerstone world (our school).  I had the joy of bringing them to school each day and praying over them as they began their day.  I think they thought I was nuts, but they learned that we don't leave the van until I've prayed for them.  No matter how late we were.

It has truly been an amazing year of growth.  It definitely hasn't been easy, but we will continue on next year.  I'll follow up in the coming weeks with a post about the pros and cons of how we homeschool along with how we've grown.

Until then, I'll be purging books, papers and getting ready for the next year!

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