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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Are you sick of all my posts with numbers as titles?  Well, I'm not.

Thirty-Six. The age my dear Hubs turned this year.  We have almost been together half our lives. How awesome is that? We were sort of high school sweet hearts, only we didn't go to the same high school. 

Anyhoo, we met when he was nineteen and I was eighteen.  Seventeen short years ago!

Hubs' birthday just so happened to be our last day of school and the same day as our used book sale.  That meant we couldn't celebrate until late in the day, but he didn't seem to mind!

We had a great dinner at Chili's with his favorite shrimp tacos and then it was dessert at Yogli Mogli!  A fabulous day with a fabulous man! 

The girls presented Daddy with a spa gift for a much needed massage. 

Friday night we were treated to dinner by some fabulous friends which was a nice addition to the birthday festivities!  

I had to include this ridiculous picture of poor Bella with a balloon tied to her collar!  That was Rylie's doing.  

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