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Monday, May 7, 2012

Jekyll Island Day 2

If you missed my post on Day One of Jekyll Island 5th grade field trip, you can see it here.

Day Two was equally exhausting, but loads of fun!  We started the day off with the most anticipated class:  shark dissection.  Wow, did those boogars stink!  It totally brought back memories of pig dissection in high school.  Thankfully, I handled this one way better.

Chloe was totally into it. It took her a bit to warm up, but she got right in there and cut that shark like nobody's business.

 This was one of our 3 tables.  I wanted to ask about the signs...seriously?  Did they actually have a kid eat something?  Ewwww!!!!!!!!!!!
 I think she's holding the spleen.  Can't remember!
 This was totally freaky and if we were at school and not in a secular class, we could have had some amazing lessons about creation here!  These are baby sharks we found inside one of the sharks.  One was still attached to the egg (ovary).  Apparently sharks have 4 ovaries and therefore can have 4 pups.  Kinda cool!
 A baby on top of the shark...this is part of the insides..no idea what parts! 
 Absolutely hysterical to watch C cut out the eye only to have its "juice" squirt across to the boys in front of her!  Her face is priceless!

After shark dissection, we had a few other classes and then it was off to the turtle museum.

 When we arrived, the instructor gave us a spiel on this big guy hanging in the entrance.  Apparently it's a replica of a 75 million year old turtle fossil.  Hmmmm.....I'm pretty sure they are wrong about that age.  If you're a believer in the Bible, you definitely know that fact is incorrect.

One of our students started to debate that fact, but his momma discretely asked him not to.  I would have loved to have heard how such a debate would have turned out!
 The turtle museum also runs a hospital for injured loggerhead turtles.  It was amazing to see these creatures up close. 

 This bug guy can't swim to the bottom of the tank, so he has weights to help push him down.  It was cool to hear about the different rehabilitation methods.

We love watching the Loggerheads on the beaches of FL come up and lay eggs when we vacation.  Well, what we can see while we're being swarmed by mosquitoes not to mention it's typically in the middle of the night!

Following the great turtle museum came fishing.  This was not on the top of my list as favorites, but it was quite funny to watch C try and cast a pole.  It must have been quite entertaining to watch me try and teach her as she yelled, "you're terrible at this!"  Right she was. O'well, we tried!
At the same time as one of our kids caught a shark, my camera died!  Of course, right?!

We had a great day and ended it very late.  We, along with our dear friends, skipped the night beach walk in lieu of a trip for coffee and icees at the local gas station.  Yes, we were that desperate for decent coffee!

Day Three would bring  packing and a few classes before lunch.  Unfortunately, due to the dead camera, I will have to post that later when I get the pictures from a friend!

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