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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pinterest: drawer organizing

If you know anything about Pinterest, you know that it's highly addictive!  I mean seriously, it's a magazine-a-holic's dream.  Only instead of clipping a bazillion pages from magazines, you just virtually pin ideas onto boards!  Genius!

The bad part?  Well, most of those ideas NEVER get put into action. 

I decided to actually try one.  I saw this idea where instead of stacking clothes horizontally, you stack them vertically.  And, since my girls have teeny tiny dressers and teeny tiny closets I thought this was brilliant!

I will say that I'm a minimalist at heart.  We don't have a lot of clothing to begin with and the girls only have one small 3 drawer dresser each

Here is the before of C's dresser:

And after I organized them:


 And this is R's drawer...I didn't take a before:
Now I have no idea how long it'll stay like this, but it definitely is neater and takes up less space.  I love that they can see where every shirt is. I found it easiest to fold them all and stack them in one big stack.  Then, I stuck them in the drawer like a file.  The Pinterest lady uses long thin bins to keep them all organized. 

I'm thinking I may have the Hubs cut some wood and make partitions in the drawers. I'll letcha know how that works out!

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  1. I have been folding the boys' tees like this ever since I saw it on a Clean House episode a few years' back. It makes it much easier to see the design on the shirt so you don't have to go through the stack! And we have kept it going over the years.