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Friday, July 6, 2012

Celebrating Eleven

I mentioned Chloe's birthday here, but I wanted to share what we did to celebrate.  In lieu of a friend party, I allowed her to choose one friend to have over and we would have a girl day.

She chose her BFF H and we had a great day doing all things girlie and then ended the day with a family dinner with the grandparents.

The girls began the evening with craft time.

Then we moved on to dinner and root beer floats.  Mmmmmm!

When C awoke in the morning, she found the kitchen decorated in her honor.

After breakfast, we headed to the nail salon for a 4th of July manicure.

Sweet friend H...love this peanut!

Aren't they the cutest?
Then it was off to the movies!
 We came home to see that the Hubs had done some birthday decorating of his own!  While we may not have the same style of decorating, his was a hit with balloons and streamers covering the entire downstairs.  What a Daddy he is!

After dinner, it was on to cake and gifts.

Yes, that is her first Coach purse....a monster in the making, what can I say!?

Granmie and PaPa H

Meme and Papap A (the great grandparents)

Add caption

It was a great day celebrating a special girl!  And I think I may have regained my cool mom status :)



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