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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Six Flags..Finally

Ever since we moved to Georgia, nearly 6 years ago, the girls have begged to visit Six Flags.  Being a Disney girl whom never had to pay to visit Disney (yes, I'm bragging), I hate the thought of shelling out lots of money to visit a theme park.

The girls participated in the Six Flags reading program and thus, their tickets were free.  That combined with discounted Lockheed tickets, we could finally afford to go.

We went this past Friday and the day started out rainy.  And, if you know anything about Six Flags, nearly the entire park closes down when it rains.

Luckily for us, the day turned out beautiful with a mix of clouds and wind!  Yipee!  We were able to spend the entire day riding roller coasters and running around the park. 

 There was a Coke tent serving free Coke...needless to say, we visited a couple times!
 The Hubs and Chloe waited in line for about an hour and 45 minutes for the new Dare Devil Dive.  They say it was worth the wait...I'm not quite convinced.
 Great picture of the Hubs as they finally got on the ride.

 Rylie rode the swings 3 times.  As for me, once was enough! 

 I had to capture my girls hand in hand.  They had such a great time and I treasured seeing Chloe encourage Rylie at times she was fearful to ride something. 
 We thought we were slick wearing ponchos on the river ride.  Yeah, lets say that it didn't work out so well!

 This ride was ridiculous!  The Wheelie...the thought of spinning in a circular motion very fast did not appeal to me.

 The Hubs gave it a shot and ended up sick to his stomach!  At least he tried!

 In order to save money, we packed lunch in the car.  They have a strict no outside food/beverage policy so we took a break and hung out tailgate style!  I am proud to say that we didn't spend one dime in that park.  In fact, Ry found a dime!  My girls have grown up learning that we rarely purchase anything extra.  They're thankful to just enter the gates.

 The Hubs and Chloe spent quite a bit of time riding the coasters that Ry was too small for.  So, Ry spent about an hour on Skull Island...their little water park within Six Flags.  It was a blast and I only wish I could've joined her.  Instead mom supervised and held onto all things electronic!

I can't get enough of this girl!  She was determined to have fun no matter what.  She soaked her clothing and afterwards was totally fine spending the last hour at the park soaking wet! 

We enjoyed our sweet family day.  No phones or distractions.  Just good ole' family time enjoying each other and having fun. 



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