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Monday, July 16, 2012

A Visit From the Sunshine State

***Updated 7/18 since the video link was not working.

As you may recall from the many posts a few weeks back, we spent 17 days visiting family and friends in the Sunshine State.

Well, this time the Sunshine State came to us!  My brother and his wife and their too cute little girl, came to visit last week. I was quite shocked since we've lived here almost 6 years and this was their 3rd visit.  And their 2nd Visit was this past winter.  I'm not quite sure how I managed 2 visits in one year, but hey, I'll take it!

Unfortunately, the sunshine didn't follow them, but the rain did!  We had crummy weather which made it difficult to plan things to do.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed their company, especially that cutie-patootie niece of mine!  We spent some time at the pool...which is a typical summer activity!

And on a day when we thought it wasn't going to rain, we headed out to Red Top Mountain so the girls could play in the water and run around.

There was a rock that Ry decided to jump off of.  She had a blast and J wanted to, but her mommy objected.  She is only 4, so I guess she had a right to say no!  ha!

 This is J and my "big" little brother. 
 My brother and his sweet wife.  Have I told you how much I love her??? We joke that if something ever happens, she stays and he goes.  Yes, I love her that much!

Ok, so we found this rope swing and my brother decided to give it a try.  I was secretly hoping he'd drop in the water...bad sister aren't I?

 And just for some self humiliation, here's a video to prove my brother didn't get to have all the fun (click the link below). 

Momma On A Rope Swing

After it monsooned, I mean rained, we headed to Chick fil a for dress like a cow day.  My brother thought we were nuts and wasn't quite so excited.  I did manage to dress up my niece and the girls.  We all scored free food and well, Allen paid for his.

And, why does Ry look scared?  It was raining so hard you couldn't hear a thing!  Crazy!

Of course that's all the pictures I took.  Yes, bad Aunt Lori.  We did have fun and it was great having my family visit.  I always enjoy getting the chance to entertain them.  I'm trying to convince them to come back in October, but I'm not so sure I could get 3 visits in a year!  We'll see!



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