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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Great Release

Back in December, the girls scored a free water turtle from their sweet friends.  Or you could say that their sweet friends' momma found someone to take an unwanted turtle.  I look at it that latter way.

Anyhoo, the Hubs came home with said free turtle and $60 in supplies and we instantly had a new pet we lovingly named Dasher.  I did grow to love the fella, and even  refinished a piece of furniture to hold his little tank.

However, after 7 months, I grew tired of looking at him and decided he needed a new home.  Don't get me wrong, I did find it amusing to watch him swim around and make tons of noise so we would feed him.  I did not enjoy watching him eat his own waste.  Yeah, gross!

Sunday was the day.  I finally convinced everyone that Dasher would be happier in our koi pond.  So after church we decided to partake in the Great Release.

 Dasher has more than doubled in size and become quite a stinker.  It was funny how he gravitated towards the pond on his own.

 Then he came to the pine straw and decided on a different direction.  Needless to say, I redirected him back TO the pond.

 And, he's off!  And don't you just love the green water?  Yea, the Hubs is working on that!

 Once he hit the water, he was gone!  You could barely see his little head peaking up.

 This thing below is one of our koi fish.  He's like 8 1/2 inches long.  Quite a big fella.

We spent a few minutes watching him resurface and then disappear again.  I'm sure he'll be better here with the koi than in a small 10 gallon tank.

I am a little sad to think he may not remain in the pond and the Hubs is pretty sure he's gone.  Of course we're not telling the girls that.

We're certain that Dasher was the first and last reptile we'll ever own.  Mark my words!

But don't worry, in his place they have added a couple fish!  On to the next journey in pet ownership.



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