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Sunday, September 9, 2012

How God Provides

The thought occurred to me yesterday that when you're not a believer and you hear someone say, "God provides" that the very statement probably doesn't make much sense. 

So, how exactly does God provide?  Well, let's look at some BIG things he provides:
  • everything in the world is provided by God and created by him.
  • salvation:  he sent Jesus to die for our sins. Period.  Without Jesus eternal life is not an option.
  • every skill you possess is from God
  • the job we have is from him
  • our government is in place because God allowed it.  Now whether those people are God followers or not doesn't matter; God appoints who he wants in office according to his plan.
  • your family and friends
What about the small things:
  • the coffee you had for breakfast
  • the water from your faucet
  • the car you drive
  • the home you live in
  •  the money you have in your bank account
When the Hubs lost his job, God provided in a mighty way.  For instance, when C broke her wrist and the initial bill was nearly $2,000. I about died.  Then we got our final bill after the insurance adjusted it and we owed right under $500.  When I called to try and negotiate, the woman couldn't believe how low it was and explained that it was less than what Medicaid would pay.  Lucky? Nope, God provided that low bill.

God provided a sweet family that gave us 2 huge bags of clothing for the girls.

God provided several odd jobs for the Hubs to bring in some extra money.

Our utility bills were extremely low...totally not normal.  God provided that.

So, what about today?  How does he provide today?  Here's an example of how he continues to provide for our family even though our income is still so far from what it was (and I promise before the job loss we were no where close to a six figure salary).

The girls are insured under state insurance.  Something I'm not proud of, and in fact, a little embarrassed about.  However, it is a true blessing and we do not take it for granted.  C injured her ankle in March which resulted in 7 weeks in a walking boot, 3 sets of x-rays, 3 trips to the orthopedic and 8 physical therapy sessions.  I imagine it easily would have cost us close to $2,000 or more if we were still under COBRA with our high deductible.  God provided that insurance after about 7 months of fighting for it just 3 weeks before C was injured!

We've also recently received several random checks in the mail lately.  Somehow our Homeowners Insurance was paid twice.  Yes, it was our money to begin with, but God provided it back unexpectedly.  We had an escrow overage, which also resulted in a refund.  We were able to refinance our home, saving us a little bit each month and  reducing our interest rate.

Non-monetarily, God has provided some amazing girls to mentor C in her Sunday morning youth group.  A true blessing.  God has provided amazing teachers for my girls.  God has provided great men for my husband to serve alongside of at church.  God continues to show me that he has me serving just where he wants me.

On the days I just don't feel like I can get through another homeschool day, he gives me what I need to push through.  When I'm angry with the Hubs, he helps me to forgive.

This just touches the surface of what and how God provides.  As a follower of God, I know that everything in my life both tangible and non-tangible is from him.  He could choose to take it all away today if he chooses to.  It's not always easy to be thankful for what I do have, instead of whining about what I don't, but I sure am trying!



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