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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sweet Nine

My sweet baby celebrated her ninth birthday on September 21st.  She has entered her last year as a single digit girl.  My heart is already aching at the thought of how much she's growing.

I swear that the baby grows up faster than the oldest.  I only have 2 girls, but I imagine all momma's say the same thing.

My sweet Ry was born on a Sunday afternoon, three and a half weeks early. I still remember waking up the Hubs at 5:30 a.m. telling him I thought I was in labor and I didn't want to call my DR too early.  Crazy, right?!

Since day one, she has been such a joy.  She is silly and goofy, energetic and spunky, loving and caring, and has the brightest smile.  We lovingly call her our free spirit.  I swear she's going to be some kind of activist or something out of the ordinary.

Currently she is in a gymnastics obsession though she doesn't even take gymnastics.  She has taught herself how to do various body twisting activities all on her own.

She cheers at school and is a natural, or so we're told!  I'm so thankful that God has made me her momma and I am in awe at how he is shaping and molding her dear heart!

Since this is our "no party year" we kept things simple.  I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning decorating the kitchen table (my little tradition).  And typing up a little note telling her how we'd spend the day.

She wasn't so surprised, however, to learn we'd be going to the zoo.  I snagged an amazing Groupon and I'm sure she heard me share my delightful deal to my besties.

We had an awesome family day celebrating our girl and reminding her how much she's loved and adored.

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  1. I forgot that she was born on my birthday! Happy 9th birthday!!!