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Friday, September 28, 2012


Remember when I discussed my reasons for deactivating my facebook account?  You must also remember that I felt it wouldn't be forever.  It's funny cause I've finally gotten to where I don't miss it.

You'll be surprised to learn that I've reactivated it and am glad that I did.  Yep, I eat my words.

I activated it originally to sell some items on our local online garage sale page.  And to look up a family member whom I haven't had contact with in 2 years (a long story for another day).

It's funny how God has used the very thing that has been an area of struggle, to surprise me.

When I was in middle school I had a best friend.  Surprising right?!  We had a unique friendship that was strengthened by tragedy.  I was with her and her family the day her father died of a heart attack.  I was at the hospital when she saw him lifeless.  I was there when she had to enter her home for the first time after his death.  And I was there as she spent the first day without him.  I can still remember it as if it was yesterday.

My friend moved that year back to her family home town and we remained friends as best we could.  She'd visit in the summers and her family would invite me with them to the beach for the week.  We'd write letters and talk about all the normal things teenagers talk about.  Then we lost touch.  There were no cell phones, or texting, no internet and email.

I think about her to this day.  In fact, because of this friend and what I witnessed that day, the Hubs kisses the girls and me every single morning before he leaves the house.  Something my 6th grade BFF's father did the very day he died.

I opened my email to see a facebook message from this friend that I haven't been able to find in over 20 years.  She had just visited her father's family and thought of me.  Coincidence?  Nope, that was God.

The Hubs couldn't quite understand why I was so delighted and nearly brought to tears.  When I explained who she was he understood.  A friendship like that has a bond that is like no other.

We've only exchanged a couple facebook messages, but I all ready know she has 2 adorable daughters and still lives in the family's hometown.  One of her daughters is even named Chloe!  How cool is that?!  I look forward to learning more about the 20 years we've missed out on and maybe we'll even get a chance to meet up.

So, yes, I'll be keeping my facebook account.  I'm still working on making sure it doesn't cause me to stumble and I've all ready deleted some "friends."  Do I still think I need to be careful? Yes, but I hope to continue using it to glorify God any chance I get!



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