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Monday, September 3, 2012

Bento Obsession

I have a new obsession.  It has to do with lunches.  I'm obsessed with bento boxes.  My sweet friend turned me onto bento lunches which is an asian food system. Instead of sandwiches, you can put several different items together in a cutesy little cube and call it lunch! 

Genius I tell you. I hate making lunches, whether at home or for the 2 days we pack them for school.  But I promise you that bento has changed my life.  Ok, not really but it sure is fun.  I mean seriously, look at those neat little compartments.  No more zippy bags.

I've searched high and low for a bento box I like and have resisted the cute PBK ones with the $16.50 price tag. Finally I found what I wanted at the container store. They were only $4.99 and there just so happened to be a store a few miles from Bestie B's new house.  Yippee!

The Hubs thinks I'm ridiculous, but then again, he doesn't pack lunches or make them all week.  Ok, that's not fair, he does pack his own, but I assure you he wouldn't want a cute bento box in his bag!

This week I had to make them even cuter by monogramming them.  Even the girls are with the Hubs that the vinyl monograms are getting out of hand but I just can't help myself!

Aren't they just so stinking adorable?  I may just have to get one for myself  :)




  1. Who is Bestie and where did she get the cute blk & wt polka dot curtains in C's room???

  2. Rebecca, Bestie S is a dear friend who has been such a blessing since moving here...love her! She is all things thrifty, decorating and a great deal finder. I believe the curtains were a steal from big lots at about $3 a box including rods (which I didn't use). She got them over a year ago.