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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Dump

We all love stuff.  I mean really....I LOVE stuff!  Of course we all love different stuff.  Maybe you are addicted to decorating, or collecting something.  Maybe you love clothing, jewelry or purses.  Your husband may love tools, or anything with an engine.  Whatever it may be, most of us love some kind of stuff.

I was dropping off recycling at our local plant and I was amazed at all the trucks lined up at the dump.  I mean seriously there had to be at least 10.  I saw a bunch of junk, but I also saw furniture and even an old spa.

As I drove home, I began to think about all the waste that was piling in that dump.  I also began to think about how much I had contributed to that pile.  The stuff that I no longer wanted.  The stuff that no longer had a place in my home.  The stuff that I no longer wanted because I had bought a newer version of.

It hit me that that dump represents our world and all the discontent we have.  We seem to all want something new and bigger.  We have to have the latest and greatest thing.  The iphone that we got last year is no longer wanted because there is a new one available. Our clothes we bought last season aren't good enough because the style has changed.

I'm guilty of having those same desires.  Yet that day as I saw all those trucks waiting to 'dump' their no longer valued treasures, I felt God telling me to be content.  To be happy with what I have, to no longer desire the things of others.  I felt he was showing me that the things I think I want today, will soon end up tossed to the side as waste.

So, for today, I'm working on contentment.  Being happy with the amazing blessings God has given me. Remembering how far he has brought me and yet how far I have to go.  God is good and I'm thankful that in that moment he spoke to me in a time when I needed to hear him most.

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