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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Feather Mania

It has struck our home...the feather mania...the obsession with attaching feathers of all colors to one's hair.  And, for the record, my husband is fueling the mania!

It all started when Chloe was invited to a back to school party for the girls at her previous school.  It was a sweet gesture and she was so excited!  She came home with an obsession with getting a feather in her hair.  I of course had no clue about said feather mania.  Apparently of the 16 girls at the party, only 3 did not have feathers.  My oh my what a tragedy....I kid!

So, my dear husband who is dedicated to being part of the girl world, helped Chloe scour the internet and within days, the feathers were ordered and "installed" into both my girls hair!

Now I'm not sure how it all happened so quickly, but let's just say that I now have over 100 feathers of all colors in tiny little baggies in my house. I swept up feathery dust from my wood floors on Saturday night.  I watched as the girls and their dad dyed feathers into all colors of the rainbow. And now, oh dear, my girls are in the feather selling business!

Yes, they are selling feathers and beads to all their friends with instructions on how to "install" them!  I'm trying to be excited.  Really I am.  There's no harm in the feathers though I think it's quite dorky!  Yes, I said dorky! I'm embracing their excitement and smiling every few days as I hear them say that they want a different fluffy feather in their hair.  And secretly I couldn't be happier that their daddy is so interested in them.  I must admit though, I'm a little sad that they've exchanged their big ole' hair bows for feathers.  Not exactly a momma's dream, but I'm going with it!

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