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Friday, August 5, 2011

Never say never (part two)

Last week I began this post....here is the continuation:

Before I tell you why we decided to homeschool, I must say we are cheating a little. My girls are enrolled in a University Model School in which they attend a full load of classes 2 days a week and the other 3 days I follow a curriculum. So, yes, we are cheating! The best of both worlds.

Now, why did we choose to homeschool our girls? Lots of reasons, but mainly God stirred my heart over the last year that we needed to make a change. My husband was unemployed for over 10 months (more on that later) and during that time we began to evaluate our family and what was truly important.

During the last year, I also began substituting in our previous school and let's just say my eyes were opened wider than I had expected. I saw things I didn't agree with and my girls experienced situations I wasn't ready for them to experience.

I began to pray about what to do for the next year. I knew God was calling us to make a change! In February of this year, we began exploring options for schooling (all while my husband was still not working).

We finally chose the option we did and God opened the doors wider than ever! He provided a job for me at the school to assist with tuition and all the parts fell into place.

In May we said good-bye to our former school. The funny part is, I didn't expect it to be so bitter-sweet! I truly loved that school. I made some sweet friends, learned more than I could imagine, and will miss some of the most amazing teachers I may ever know!

On August 8th we will begin our first "home" school day and I'm excited! I have no clue whether we will homeschool for 1 year or the next 10. But what I do know is, we'll do it until God calls us to do something else! Besides, he knows better than I do!

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