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Friday, August 5, 2011

Highway Gators (or Snakes)

Ok, so you know when you're driving down the road and you see those crazy tire pieces? Apparently some people refer to them as either "gators" or "snakes". Whatever they are really called, I always wondered how the heck that happens.

Well, I never expected that my vehicle would produce a "gator" or "snake" on the highway! So, needless to say, I found out!

Last month, we were traveling back from the beach and at hour 1 of the 10.5 hour drive our van began to shake, then it began to violently shake. It began to shake to the point in which I truly thought the doors were gonna fly off.

As my husband and I began to think of what it could be, I began to laugh hysterically. You see, my husband is a little neurotic about noises in our vehicles. It's to the point where I will search for the source in order to silent it immediately.

So, why was I laughing hysterically? Well, because I looked at him and said, "isn't it funny that our van would begin making so much noise we can't even talk, when you freak out over a tiny rattle?"

Just at that moment after we both laughed and giggled, the tire of our beloved "Big Red Van" blew into pieces. And again, we laughed and said, "welp, now we know what the shaking was!" After a 3 hour ordeal of putting on a spare and getting a new tire we were back on the road.

I tell you all this to say that we serve an amazing God! Only God would keep us in the right lane of the highway so that we could exit safely. Only God would keep the tire in tact during the 2 hours I drove alone taking my husband to and from the airport. Only God would allow us to be laughing hysterically minutes before the tire was to shred to pieces. And only God could keep my family safe and my husband unbelievably calm!

That night with every highway snake (or gator) we saw, I recounted God's many blessings and forgot all about the damage to the Big Red Van and I even giggled from tim
e to time!

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