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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bragging on The Hubs...The Reveal

Few days ago I bragged about my dear Hubs and his handiwork on Meme's shower while he was hunting for employment.  Welp, here is the big reveal:

 Meme requested a bench to make showering a little easier.  Again, I was jealous!

 We found this really cool shower head.  He has a mini one attached so that the she can clean the shower easier.  Yes, the sweet woman is a master of cleaning at 82 years old!

 Vanity unchanged other than fresh painted walls.

 The new closet, old shower space.  Meme is a woman after my own heart....she is a freaky clean organizer!  Everything is perfectly in it's place.  She insisted that linens must be stored in a linen closet!  Oh, and apparently the vacuum too.
 Hubs tiled the outside walls per Meme's request...I wasn't so sure but it turned out well. 

 The floor was also tiled in large 18 inch tiles.  It's much more divine in person.

And it's done.  I forgot to mention that half way through Hubs got a job.  Which is why it took a couple months to finish.  Not the plan Hubs had going into it, but it worked out. 

It took a bazillion hours and lots of sweat, but Meme is loving her new shower!  And that is all worth it!

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