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Thursday, March 29, 2012

What to do with an AirCast

To say our life has been a bit overwhelming lately would be, well, an understatement.  In the midst of the chaos (more on the details later), my dear Chloe fell off her bike!  Let me just say her coordination comes from her mother.  Unfortunately.  I sprained both wrists playing soccer in high school  Yes, both wrists.  And yes, I realize you play soccer with your feet.  Enough said!

Back to Chloe.  We had a sweet friend's Hub come look at her ankle and he suggested an x-ray. Though it wasn't broken, the orthopaedic suggested a cast in order to allow the muscles and the surround "tissue" to heal properly.  Luckily, we were able to get her fitted for an AirCast...a walking boot she can remove for sleeping and showering.  Yipee!  Praise God it wasn't broken since she has a away field trip in 2.5 weeks and we just got insurance coverage for the girls effective March 1st!  So blessed!

Out we walked (bye-bye crutches) with a bad-boy of a grey walking cast that just wasn't very pretty.  So, upon the suggestion of a friend, we decked it out and girlified that bad-boy and turned him into a bad-girl of a cast.  Let me just say that Daddy was NOT impressed.  Chloe loves the result and I'm pretty sure we could start a trend around these parts, what do ya think?

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