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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Redneck Zoo

I'm sure you're all dying to know what the heck the Redneck Zoo is!  Well, let me first tell you a story.  See, I have this fabulous friend who knows every bargain to be had in Atlanta.  I was dying to visit the discount fabric store she gets everything at...ya know one of the places designers would never go because it's like across Atlanta, you have search through piles of fabric for hours, and well, it looks like thrift store meets big lots!  Sounds like fun doesn't it? 

Anyhoo, I was dying to go because it's like super cheap and I'd never drive myself.  We finally made a date and took the kids and went.  But first, she wanted to treat us to the Redneck Zoo...ummm, I mean The Yellow River Game Ranch.  Let me tell you, it was redneck all right, but so much fun! Complete with stray chickens chasing each other just like in the cartoons, hand written signs, and Christmas trees lining the entire park.  And no, I'm not kidding.  And no I have no proof because I didn't capture that via camera.

Back to the Redneck Zoo.  It was the most relaxed place and I'm sure the girls could've spent hours there feeding animals, chasing rabbits, and playing in the dirt.  Apparently my dear friend has taken her kids there for years.  Later I learned that it was always followed with a 3 hour trip to the fabric store.
 In addition to having wild chickens and Christmas trees (dead of course), they had a bazillion peacocks running wild.  They were beautiful!

The coolest part, is you could buy peanuts for 75 cents a bag or bring your own crackers, carrots, or bread to feed the animals!  How totally cool for the frugal momma!

We got to pet a 2 day old baby goat...so stinking cute.  Can't do that at those fancy zoos.
 I'm wondering if the above donkey was a relative to Mr. Ed the talking horse.  Remember him?

 What zoo would be complete without a big ole' fat pig!  Which I have to mention my girls asked if that's really where our bacon comes from and if so, do we really eat all that fat?  For the record, no, we do not buy pork bacon and that is why!

 This gorgeous goat reminded us of one of our favorite friends, Mr Hutson....Sorry, Matthew, but your "goat" (gotee) has nothing on this goat!

And did I mention this place has a celebrity?
 He lives here...the best house on the property.  And here is his sign:

General Lee, the official groundhog of Georgia.  You probably can't read the sign, but it says, "in recognition of 10 years of service"...for weather predicting.  Only it's dated 1991.  So, since this southern girl is so smart, I did the math.  That would make Old General Lee about 31 years old.  I had to ask, was that darn groundhog that they shove out of it's hole really 30 years old?

The sweet, honest grounds keeper told me in a few words, um, no.  His exact words were, "well, we keep several just in case."  I think he was referring to in case one dies maybe?  Or in case General Lee won't come out of his hole?

Oh and in case you decide to go visit General Lee, don't expect him to come and greet you. Apparently, he only comes out after the park closes at feeding time!

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