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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just Imagine

This past Sunday our church launched a giving goal called Just Imagine: God's Gift of Play to our Children's Ministry.  It's part of our building campaign that has just begun!  I must say that I'm very passionate about this campaign...Why?  Well, because for 3 years, the Hubs has sacrificially woken up at 5am in order to set up church at a local high school.  And, we leave church at about 1:30pm after I tear down children's church and he tears down the worship room.  A very long day, but it's where we feel God calling us to serve. 

Sunday's campaign was launched to our kids along with lessons in giving.  They've been challenged to raise money to go towards a playground at the new building.  My girls have totally gotten into it and are begging for ways to raise money.  Especially Chloe, which truly shows her heart.  In all reality, she will be half way through 6th grade when the building is complete (we pray) and will probably never use the playground!

The Hubs told her she could pick weeds for $4 a bucket...our yard is covered in them (sorry neighbors, weed service is not currently a 'need').  Not too bad, but remember, as you add them to the bucket, they wilt and compact thus it takes A LOT of weeds to fill one bucket!  Rylie also decided to join in. 
Chloe was not happy that I had the camera...shhhh, don't tell her!

In all, they filled about 4 buckets, maybe 5 and collected their earnings.  It took them 2 days, but they worked hard!  I was a proud momma.  I only wonder what the neighbors thought! hee heee!

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