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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chalkboard Love

During the month of February, I was a bit restless in the house.  The cold weather and yucky rain kept me in (remember, I'm a FL girl at heart).  That means that I began looking at all the things I'd like to change in the house.  Since the list is long, and the funds are low, I'm trying to be creative!  I said "trying" which equals very little spending, using what I have, and lots of hours on pinterest wasting my life away!

I decided to make a chalkboard wall in the playroom.  Though it came out very cute, the process was a nightmare.  As you'll learn, nothing seems as easy for me as those fabulous decorators out there.  So, I got black paint on the carpet and had to use a bazillion different paint brushes to bring my vision to life.

Not wanting to purchase wood, I decided to buy the dollar store bulletin board borders and trace the cute little scallop outline on the wall, then  I thought I'd just paint inside the lines.  Yeah, total fail as I do not have a steady hand.  I figured out that taping the borders on the wall and painting over them worked best.  Then there was touching it up to make it perfect.  Blah, blah I should've spared the boring details and showed the results so here ya go:
 Note: this is what it looks like when freshly wiped down.  It never, I mean NEVER looks like this.  Instead, it looks like this:

oh yea, note to self:  colored chalk means colored chalk on floor below that does not wipe off of berber carpet.  Ooops!

 I must admit that my dear friend who's husband won't let his kids use colored chalk had a good point.  Especially since his carpet doesn't look like this.  But, I solved this issue in one simple step.  I added a rug! 

The girls love the chalk board and so do their friends. It solved the issue of a big blank wall and they get to write all kinds of random junk on it.  For now it'll stay until I get tired of cleaning the wall!

Now go get you some chalk board paint and paint a big ole' chalk board.  Your kids will LOVE it!

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