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Friday, August 31, 2012

What Not to do With an American Girl Doll

If you know me well, I am frugal and cheap!  I typically don't spend big sums of money on much, not to mention toys.  I will however, pay for classic toys or gadgets my girls will really use for a LONG time.  That said, we have quite a few American Girl Dolls.  My Ry is a baby doll girl.  She's outgrowing it, but she still plays with her first doll we bought her at age 2. And yes, the Hubs about died when I ordered Bitty Baby and all her glory for a mere $90.  Six years later, she still plays with her beloved Bitty.

Chloe isn't quite as in love with dolls, but she did play with them for quite some time. Now she's moved on to technological toys and the dolls aren't loved on quite as they used to be.

Back to dolls.  Grandma Beth bought Chloe her first American Girl at age 6. The beautiful Nicky doll came with brown hair and pretty curls.  Now what do you think the first thing a 6 year old does with a doll with curls?  She brushes said curls!  And Nicky was never the same.  Sweet Nicky had ruined hair by week 2.  Note to all mommas:  do not buy curly haired dolls that cost lots of money!

Five years later we decided to send Nicky to the doll hospital to have her hair fixed (a.k.a. a new head put on her little body).  It had a price tag of a mere $49 including shipping and luckily we had a gift card from some surveys that we partook in!  Score.

But we couldn't just send Nicky to the hospital with out having a little fun.  I told the girls to "go at it" and do whatever they'd like to Nicky's head.  Armed with scissors and markers, they did just that!

Now here's what NOT to do with an American Girl Doll:

I assure you that Nicky came back from the hospital looking perfectly healthy and cleaned up!  I'll leave you with proof that they really do work miracles at that hospital:

And by the way, the associate that had to package up dear Nicky told us to not be surprised if she ended up in a magazine ad for the doll hospital! Apparently even they had seen nothing like her! hee hee!

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