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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Living Room Accessory

Ok, so maybe I don't have a new living room set, but I did have a temporary accessory in my living room for a week.  Here it is:

and yes, that's the Hubs with the dog

In case you're clueless, it's a Genie Lift.  Why would we have that in our home?  Well, let me enlighten you.  The Hubs needed a project while waiting for his job to start, so this little guy was needed for the project.  And, no I'm not telling you what it is yet, but let's say it involved drywall and a door!

So, while we had this little guy for a week, we had some fun with it.  The girls and to take rides on it.  I mean seriously, how often do you get to touch the ceiling that's 22 foot above (or something like that)?

chloe touching the ceiling...and yes, she left fingerprints! erg!

chloe's sweet friend was dying to take a ride!

a little scared
 So, there you have it!  A Genie Lift as a living room accessory.  This little guy will be visiting again someday when we decide to paint those ugly builder beige walls!

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