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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Project

I mentioned a few days ago that the Hubs started a project in our home while waiting for his new job to begin.  Welp, it started with an idea, that went like this: "hey honey, we should think about closing in our playroom." Let's say that led into measuring, sketching and pricing out wood and supplies.

Our girls have a loft style playroom which is a huge blessing.  However, that room is so open that we have a battle of the tvs when they have friends over.  In fact, I can hear their tv upstairs better than the one downstairs!  Crazy!

Here is the before:
coming up the stairs

a view from inside

looking into the room

So, last week, he went with his Dad to purchase the wood and supplies and began work (thanks dad).  I must say his handiwork is amazing.  Within a day most of the work was completed.  Of course, it took me another week to start painting it all (hey, I homeschool remember)...ahem, we won't talk about who was supposed to paint!

And the during:
closed in pass-thru

the new door = quiet

inside the room
So, it's still not completely painted and Hubs has some molding to finish up, so you're going to have to wait for the "after" pictures!  So sorry my friends...it may take another week, but I promise it will get finished!

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