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Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School 2012-2013, Part 1

It cracks me up to think it's like 100 degrees outside and we're calling it the end of summer!  Ummm, hello, it is still summer and yes, we're going to back to school!

Today the girls and I had our first day of school and luckily it was a light load of lesson plans.  In fact, Ry had nothing on hers so we started a History lesson and worked on handwriting.  She finished up by organizing her books, backpack and binder.

Chloe on the other hand had lessons in all subjects, but they were light.  Yipee!  We dove into math, earthquakes in science, and a simple spelling lesson.  She also organized her binder and backpack.

I'm so thankful for the quiet day to catch up on some housework before the madness begins.  We all will head off to school tomorrow.  I'm excited to be working as a 4th grade assistant again this year on our Cornerstone days (tues/thurs).  The women I'll be serving alongside of seem like amazing Christian girls and I'm blessed!

Praying you all have a great start to the school year as well!



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