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Saturday, August 4, 2012

So What Are We Teaching?

Updated: 8/6: I realized that when I cut/paste their book list it didn't format correctly.  I've retyped and hopefully it will make more sense!  Also, all tests are taken at school, not home!

I've had some mommas ask me what curriculum we're using for school.  It's funny because I had to think about it since I get a list from the school and then we just order, order, order and order some more!  I can honestly say that it's my least favorite part of school. 

It consumes hours of time and I cringe at every shipping charge.  And no, I can't order it all on one site.  And no, I rarely use ebay.  Ebay drives me insane and I only use it if I need a book I can't order new due to it being part of a package deal. 

So, here's what we're using:


ENGLISH:      Grammar 6, Tests, Bob Jones
Spelling Workout F, Modern Press
Reading Books:     Wilfred Grenfell: Fishter of Men, Nate Saint: On a Wing and a Prayer, Letters from Rifka, Twenty One Balloons, Exploring the Titanic, The Cay, Snow Treasures, A Wrinkle in Time
Math: Abeka 6

Science: Bob Jones

History: New World History and Geography, Abeka


English:  Shurley Grammar
Spelling Workout C
Zaner Bloser Handwriting and Handwriting without Tears
Read and Think 3 Skill Sheets, Abeka

Reading: Gladys Alylward: Daring to Trust, Stone Fox, Leif the Lucky, Misty of Chinocoteague, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, The Sword and the Tree

Math: Abeka 3

Science: Level 3 Science, A Purposeful Design

History: Story of the World
I will be instructing History on my own, but am using what the school will be teaching just to make things easier.  For Chloe, I ordered an older edition for history on ebay to save costs.
 For reading, the girls will be assigned reading books (listed above) at school.  We'll read at home and typically they have a packet to fill out on each book as well as a project and test.

All tests are taken at school so the math tests and drills are kept at school for integrity purposes.

I honestly have hardly cracked a book and some are still in route.  We begin August 7th and we're all excited and ready.  With one year under our belt, I'm feeling a little more confident this year and can't wait to see what God has in store! 

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