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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Room Re-do

Last year we spoofed up Chloe's room with a little paint, some inexpensive bedding and a couple diy projects all with her Christmas money.  She begged me to flip her room around and going against what I thought looked best, I said yes.

Well, a year later her room still bothered me.  I hated the fact that the bed was right next to the door and that it was not the focal point of her tiny room when you peered through the door.  You see, when we moved here nearly 6 years ago, I intended on my girls sharing a room as they did in FL.  However, when their beds arrived from the moving truck, I realized that their new room was too small for 2 beds.  Yikes! So with little $$$ to spend (we had just spent $4400 on a new engine for the beloved volvo day of closing...erg), I reluctantly purchased Target bedding and we got her a full sized bed that would double as a guest room when needed.  I have never really liked her room.  Ry's room was cutesy PBK from floor to ceiling and I adored it.

Anyhoo, a few weeks ago, I decided enough was enough and I enlisted the help of C's friend to flip her room around.  Once we maneuvered her bed which required removing EVERYTHING out of her room, I was instantly in love with the set up.

Amazingly, I was able to reuse many of the holes in her walls as I rehung the mirror, memo board and shelf.  Then I dreamed up a little diy monogrammed board that involved the Hubs and his architectural expertise.  I now must say that though the color scheme isn't my favorite, I do love her room.  Finally it feels sweet, simple and a little grown up.

In case you're wondering, C picked out the bedding...there's a quilt we aren't using anymore so she just has a down comforter.  The curtains were free from Bestie S and the bedskirt is a set of curtains sewn over top an old bedskirt.  The matelasse shams were $2 at a thrift store.  The monogrammed board was designed by me and crafted mostly by the Hubs.  Birdcages are actually Christmas felt decorations spray painted black and also free from Bestie S along with the black shelf.  Bookcase is PBK from years ago along with the baskets.  The pin board hanging on the opposite wall is crafted by me out of an old window, insulation board and cheap fabric.  Oh and the pink chair which does not fit in this room was free from C's friend.  I think the only things we actually purchased were the shams which were bed in a bag from Home Goods, the zebra blanket, and a few crafty supplies. Oh, and the paint was behr...probably the most expensive thing in this room! Everything else we either have had for years, or was gifted! 

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