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Friday, August 3, 2012

Treehouse Face Lift

Remember the tree house that the Hubs recently built?  Well, the girls have finally started putting their personal touches onto it.  Remember, I've given them free reign on decorating the INSIDE of the tree house.

They used their own money and purchased "oops" paint at Home Depot in purple and they scored free paint from Bestie S in a bright blue.  They even purchased the brushes and supplies themselves.

Smart little Ry enlisted the help of a friend for the first round of painting.  And then we finished the rest up this past weekend as a family.  I'm so proud of their hard work and determination in making this little space their own. 

The best part, was the decorating.  We scoured the house for a few things to hang on the walls and help girl-i-fy the room.  They have lots of plans to add other details such as blankets and pillows, bins of various toys and more pictures for the ceiling.  We're even searching for a dust buster so that they can vacuum their carpet and clean out the little spider webs.

Grandpa built a little table and Ry painted it.  Yep, just like her momma.  She got paint everywhere!

doesn't she look thrilled?

in case you're wondering, the stripes took forever!
notice the idog.  Yep, every kid has an idog in their treehouse, right?

Memories are all ready being made in their little house and the Hubs couldn't be prouder!

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