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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School, Part 2

Yesterday I posted about school starting in our house!  Woo hoo!  We are back in session and today was part 2.  We had our first day back at school, Cornerstone, and we were all excited to see old friends and make new ones.
Chloe, 6th grade
Rylie, 3rd grade

Staying true to family tradition, the Hubs went in late to work in order to drive the girls to school.  Just another reason I'm in love with that man!  He has walked the girls into school since day one of Chloe's Kindergarten class...both of them.  It's important for him to be there and they love it.  Of course he typically makes a stop at McDonald's for some type of morning treat to make it extra special.
The day for the girls was fabulous.  They truly enjoyed making new friends, getting to know their teachers and seeing friends they've missed this summer.

Chloe is taking yearbook this year and she was excited for that class to begin.  Rylie is finally old enough to cheer for the school, so of course she's elated!  She came home chanting cheers for a good hour.

As for me, it was super crazy busy!  I barely had time to breathe, but I enjoyed every minute....well, almost.  Taking out lunch trash was not fun, but chatting with a new friend made it all the better!  Other than that, it was a pleasure showing the new girls the ropes and meeting some of our new kiddos.
I was reminded how amazing our journey has been the last few years.  How thankful I am that we got to this place.  God has blessed us through this sweet school and I look forward to him shaping and refining us!



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