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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Creative Arts Camp

I was looking for some photos recently and stumbled across some that were from a camp that the girls participated in this summer.  They attended a creative arts camp at a local church that I was so impressed with. This was their 3rd year attending this church's camp, but this year the program was entirely different.

It was such a blessing to find something that was not only super cheap, but included dance, art, photography, and music.  It also lasted nearly all day and centered around the famous Bible story, Jonah and the Whale western style.  The week concluded with a musical that every camper played a part in.

It's so hard these days to find summer activities for the girls that fit our budget.  And it's even more rare to find a camp that offers so many activities centered around teaching the Gospel. 

Ry and her BFF

Chloe left front..blue plaid

Ry in the front left red plaid
 The girls had a fabulous week learning new skills, meeting new friends, and sharing God's love.  It was bitter sweet at the end, knowing that my sweet C had just completed her last summer of all things kids camps and VBS since next summer as a 6th grader she would be too old (sniff sniff).


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